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My works deal with poetic politics. I fish for and create psychological and personal narratives. These narratives are never offered with a neat beginning, middle and end, but rather they are all cut up, disjointed, and abstracted. Since personal narratives are responses to the world around, the world within and the conflict between them, these works often hint at social/political/sexual commentaries (whether they are personal or inherited), though nt necesarily seeking or offering an answer. The characters are sometimes anonymous, sometimes my own, and sometimes borrowed from various periods across History. They engage in obscure conversations and situations among themselves and with the audience who become passive performers in the process. To share these narratives, I use an Interdisciplinary approach, taking from my experiences in dance, visual arts, and Literature. These works comprise of paintings, drawings, performance, sculptural objects, found objects, videos and text, meshed into various combinations for different projects. Every idea thus has its own individual landscape, theatricality, and mood. Generally represented through the presence or absence of human bodies which become partially the subject and partially the object. These narratives blend performative and visual climates while addressing internal voyages.








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'Her poise and footwork stole the show. As she performed each step with equal clarity, the audience could not help applaud her'

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